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Yard Tidy Up’s

If you are looking at your outdoor space and wondering where to start then don’t despair. Let us take care of it for you. We can give your lawn and gardens a spring clean any time of the year. We can also remove any rubbish or green waste.

Intending on selling your home? Best to get the yard presentable for potential buyers. We are here to help you.

Lost to find a gift for someone? Surely they would appreciate a yard tidy up so they can concentrate on other things. Join them afterwards for a drink and relax outside while they admire their fresh appealing outdoor space. We offer gift vouchers for just this purpose.

Time is precious and you don’t seem to have any? Let us take the stress out of finding time. Outdoor spaces aren’t meant to be stressful, so when we’re finished sit quietly outside and enjoy the serenity.

Zero emission

Have you ever wondered how much pollution you, your children, pets or neighbours might be breathing in when your lawn is mown with a 2 or 4 stroke petrol mower? Well we did and the answer was astonishing.

ego powerplus mower

The small unregulated engines of petrol mowers, trimmers, blowers etc. are inefficient and as such, create lots of pollution for their small size. They emit carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, ozone and carbon dioxide. In fact, “…one hour of operation of a brushcutter certified to US standards produces around the same emissions of air pollutants as ten cars operated over the same period

(Non-Road Engines Working Group 2010, Reducing Emissions From Non-Road Spark Ignition Engine Equipment.  Consultative RIS. Environment Protection and Heritage Council).

A+C Environmental Lawn and Garden Care will maintain and enhance your outdoor space without compromising the health of the environment, yourself, children and others. We are emission free!

Noise Pollution

ego pwerplus equipmentAll equipment used by A+C Environmental Lawn and Garden Care is battery operated and considerably quieter than their conventional petrol counterparts. Great for shift workers, beloved pets and people with noise related stress or anxiety. Owners of retail areas with customers coming in and out will also appreciate the lower noise levels. Those housing holiday makers can rest assured that tenants will enjoy the tranquillity of their surrounds with minimal noise disruption.

We are actually that quiet you might not know that we are there, so no, we won’t wake the baby.


We are dedicated to get the job done. 

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